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How to play

Build your team

Prior to each tournament stop, build your dream roster of 10 anglers for that particular fishery. Choose 5 anglers from each group, one of which must be ranked #40 or below in Angler of the Year rankings. 

Set Your Tiebreaker

After selecting your team, you will be prompted to set your tiebreaker. Select the total number of pounds and ounces that you think the winning angler will catch during the entire tournament. 

Submit Your Picks

In order to submit your picks, you must be logged into your MLF Fan Pass account. If you do not have an account, you can create one for FREE. 

Watch Them Compete

Tune in to the MLFNow! Livestream to watch your team compete! Highest cumulative weight wins!

Win Great Prizes

There are individual leaderboards and prizes for each tournament, as well as season long! 


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